hub4101 and the new world city

hub4101 is not an original idea. It is based on like models, such as Silicon Valley, New York and Tech City UK, formerly Tech City London. What’s common to these models is that they were not planned. They grew organically as like-minded people and like-minded businesses clustered in the same geographical precinct.

These ‘hubs’ share other characteristics. Attracted by an affordable mix of light industrial and commercial space, they are located adjacent to the commercial center of their cities. They were driven by innovation and creative industries, adopting digital technology to deliver products and services. They attracted a growing population of urban professionals living and working in the precinct. And they sparked a secondary environment of coffee shops, restaurants, bars, cultural and shared spaces for meeting, networking and creative expression.

Compare those characteristics to hub4101 with its proliferation of creative industries and businesses driven digital technology, educational facilities, exploding population of urban professionals and its cocktail of entertainment, cultural events and lifestyle, and the similarity and potential is evident. By building on these existing assets the opportunity exists to accelerate the organic growth of creative and digital industries in hub4101.

Through networking, hacks, mentoring, incubation, acceleration, dedicated programs and investments in skills, infrastructure and human resources, hub4101 can become a destination for local, national and international businesses working in the creative economy. hub4101 can be a vibrant and sustainable start-up precinct. hub4101 can connect education, startups and business.

As a result, more businesses will be attracted to the precinct, jobs will be created, capital investments in the area will increase, links will be established between businesses and education providers and a new generation of graduates will be attracted to the precinct bringing new enterprise and new skill sets.

In the secondary environment, local businesses will benefit from growing work and residential populations and increased demand for space will create a more buoyant and diverse commercial and residential real estate sector.

The on-going revitalisation of the 4101 precinct demonstrates the powerful influence the creative economy can have in reshaping our work and living spaces. As this revitalisation continues, hub4101 seeks to ensure that the diversity and opportunities that creative and digital enterprises bring to the economy are embedded in the precinct and become a key economic driver for 4101 and the city of Brisbane, helping fulfill its the stated ambition to be a new world city.