4101 Graduate in the Running for Academy Award

Mirene Igwabi, a graduate student from SAE Qantm Creative Media Institute in 4101, has written and directed one of Australia’s best recent short films and is now in the long, long run for an Academy Award in 2018.

Igwabi was born in the Congo during the country’s horrific civil war in the mid-1990s and made the film Adele based on her experiences both in the Congo and at Brisbane’s Milpera school for refugees.

And when you realise that English is her fourth language, after Swahili, Luganda and her Congolese mother language Kissi – and that her film was about child brides living in Brisbane – you get some idea of how far Igwabi has come in her 25 short years.

Igwabi is an electrified fusion of fun, dedication, good humour and vision, who just might become an important part of Australia’s next wave of filmmakers.

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Pictured: Mirene Igwabi, Writer and Director of Adele. Photo by Tammy Law