The goal of hub4101 is to replicate the success delivered by similar technology focused precincts that have developed around the world, such as Silicon Alley in New York City, Cap Digital in Paris and notably Tech City in London.

Similar to its overseas counterparts, the hub4101 cluster of creative, innovative and tech organisations has developed organically with like-minded companies choosing to base themselves in the 4101 creative environment.

hub4101 will foster and promote a community which will share knowledge on new technologies and their applications; create opportunities for students; pursue and recruit similar organisations to move their business and/or develop their business in the precinct; and profile the precinct as one that embraces innovation.

It will attract & nurture enterprises stretching across the following fields, but not limited to:

  • Music and performing arts
  • Film, television and radio
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Software development and interactive content
  • Writing, publishing and print media
  • Architecture, design and visual arts

hub4101 has already received strong support from not only the 4101 community but various levels of politics. Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has endorsed the initiative and the importance of people coming together to develop ideas and spark innovation.